Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Body Talk

Does you body speak to you? When you are abusing it or neglecting your God given temple, does it let you know? Mine does, subtlety, not in a creepy old testament kind of way. - though that would be funny, I can only imagine what mine would say..

Bottom- " Get thee to the gym woman, seriously we are growing to large and long back here...

My Liver would whisper- " hey Lady, the FDA recommends ONE glass of red wine per day...not 12."

Ears- "Yes, it is possible to listen to the Twilight sound track too loudly while cleaning...."

okay, but that is not what I was talking about, My body whispers to me, nudges me to give it what it needs, and then screams, moans and creaks if I ignore the subtle whispers.

Today it was in the form of a craving, A little inclination that I had been over doing the " low fat" aspect of my recent diet. My body needed fat, energy, and no ordinary fat at that, I needed something whole, pure and indulgently fatty. I searched the cupboards, ate a few walnuts. when that didn't do the trick, I considered Shortening, - it was the mouth feel, I wanted, but certainly not the flavor...besides, we don't keep Crisco in the house- and I'm not dressed to visit Horny Devils boutique today ( don't ask)

Finally I settled on a perfectly ripe, perfectly shaped Avocado, chock full of fatty acids and with a delicious buttery velvet texture. A simple sprinkling of salt and squirt of lime, and I dug in.
I should have stopped after a few bites, it was rich, but I don't do anything halfway-and besides it was good! I devoured the entire thing. And now I feel a bit nauseated, but I can't throw up, because imagine what that would look like, spewing baby poo from my mouth, it would make me vomit-Again. And the cycle would continue, forever.

Are you wondering why we are friends right now? I thought so.


  1. Hi my sweetie. I couldn't find this place until I received your email. I am SO out-of-the-loop! I wish I could get IN the loop so I'd know what was going on with all my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. lol I could NOT believe the size of that spider in your car. Good Grief! He would almost make a bbq meal. IF one is so inclined. lol ICK! I would have freaked out and been running to the nearest hotel. Dangaroo. I don't much like bugs anyway, but those two were a pair that I would relinquish my house and car to rather than deal with them. The kids have grown already. I can see it, clear as day. Noah is a little boy now and Taylor, good grief, she looks like a pre-tween. I can hardly wait to see them again.
    We are having hot weather right now. Tomorrow is a "spare the air" day and old folks like me are supposed to stay inside and behave. LOL Yeah, like that's gonna' happen. I will, however, make my "bank trip" in the morning hours, before it gets too hot. The solar panels are already on at the pool and it is looking so beautiful. I have tons o' lily pads in the waterfall pond. I just hope the "critters" don't eat them all again. lol Charlie brought one home to me yesterday. It looked awful. I thought it was a big black mole, or rat, but it was just weeds, lots of mud and a lily pad. Scared me silly for a minute or two. He gets SO butt-hurt when I take them away from him and go outside and hide them, leaving him inside, of course. The cats have a new condo/scratching combination and it's been a riot watching them all clamber on it and fight for the highest spot on top or in the little hidey hole for napping. I love it. Well, it's almost midnight and I have to be up early, so I'm gonna' close for now. I'm so glad I found you here, my sweetheart. Kiss and hugs those babies for me and hugs to you and your wonderful hubby. Please, take care of yourselves and each other. I am counting the days. God bless.
    Much love,

  2. LOL see you just confirmed why I don't like to eat green things! (you need to add a follow button to make it easier to follow you! I always forget how to go in & do it manually)

  3. Hi Jenell! Thank-you for visiting The Katillac Shack!! I loved your comments--so poetic and wise! Also, love this post!

    Once I was sure that someone was following me--I was being shadowed--and then I looked in the mirror at my backside and I was being "Tailed"--by my own tail!!! time to diet!!!!