Sunday, April 12, 2009

So I'm obviously already neglecting this much for new and improved. I'm in a funk, seriously, and I can't manage to snap my self out of it-I know what I want to do, what I should be doing, how I want to behave, but most days I wake up and -ugh- the funk prevails.

Everyone keeps telling me to " hang in there" and " just give it time" and I am, I swear...but by Gosh I'm gettin older here, and I just want to go home. I'm over my desire for adventure, I think. I'm at least over Alice. I fantasise about how if I just snapped out of it, and did x y, z...we would all be fine, but that's a fantasy, and the reality -bites.

Chad is back to shift work, which I hate, we literally never see him during his set, even on days he doesn't get home til 8:30, the kids are in bed, and I'm cranky, starving and tired by then, on night shifts, he sleeps all day, and has to leave early to get some gym time in, so we live for the off set, like some people live for weekends. I was spoiled by the cushy day shift he had in Denver, no nights, no weekends, and no Holidays and home by 5pm most nights..

enough whining? okay me too.

I hope everyone in the states is having a great Easter, we did! On Friday. With my magical Mommy wand, I was able to re-arrange time and space to accommodate my husbands work schedule, and produce an Easter fest we could all be in on. I did forget that it was good Friday, and that put the kibosh on my grand Easter dinner plan, Honey baked Easter fish is just not as appealing. Chad and I dutifully hid the eggs Thursday night, and assembled the obscene amount of toys in, around, behind and near the kids baskets...and went to bed.

We expected to awake to squeals of glee in the am, but since Noah snuck in bed with us sometime in the night, we all slept in. He must have made a detour on his journey down the hall to sneak a peek, because Chad said he opened his eyes, looked over and Whispered " I got a triceratops" and bolted from the bed. He woke up his sister, and they dumped candy, toys and Easter grass all over the table, while I fixed coffee and breakfast.

Only after consuming our body weight in chocolate, did we decided to hunt eggs.

After the last egg was found, we made some phone calls home using our new vonage phone, and lazed around. We went to the park....then to this little hole in the wall fish and chips joint for some take away to bring back to the park, man this place was the BOMB, for when ever you are trying to induce weight gain, irritable bowl syndrome or simply induce a coronary...anything you want fried, they got it. awesome french fries, fish, chicken, spring rolls, fried corn, deep fried hot dogs, bananas, pineapple,the works. and it was pretty cheap too. love it! now if they would just add fried cheese, snickers and Twinkies to the menu, I could promptly gain 800lbs.

After the park we went out to the telegraph station ( a picnic type park, with trails) to walk off some of our food, spotted some kangaroo's and then came home greasy, fat and exhausted. It was a good day.
We had another unexpected visitor, this time IN the house....thank you to my commenter who pointed out this is NOT in fact a tarantula, but a huntsman spider, but between you and me any spider bigger than a hamburger is in fact, a tarantula.

The kids and I celebrated " real Easter" today, by dyeing, and coloring eggs, watching movies, and playing in the yard. I have a ham in the crock pot all drowning in brown sugar...add some Kraft Mac and cheese ( a luxury item round here) and some other fixins, and Easter dinner it is!

these are " hot rock" eggs, I found the idea from THE CRAFTY CROW a crafting blog, I love and aspire to use more. We are going to try this with rocks too soon. Basically you dye some eggs, and while they are still burning hot color on them with crayons, and then sprinkle some crayon shavings on top, I popped our back in the oven for a few secs to melt them a little more. A quick layer of modge podge or lacquer keeps them shiny, I didn't have any, so FYI cooking spray works too.

Hope you all have an exhausting, fat and happy Easter too!


  1. You can call that spider whatever the heck you want to but it wouldn't survive in my house. Ick!

  2. Laughing!
    If you do get down to Sydney, let me know, I love to shop!