Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taylor Grace

Ode to Taylor-

Bio- Born September 27, 2002 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base by emergency c-section, after 27 hours of grueling back Labor, Taylor was born weighing a hefty 8lbs 2 oz, and was 19 inches long. My most memorable moments of Taylor's birthday are hearing her cry the first time, whilst lying on the O.R table with tears pouring down my face.. And being so surprised that she was so pretty, seriously the kid was born looking like an Olive skinned cherub, with little rosebud lips to boot. I had expected a little wrinkled old man newborn....not this kid, I should have known right away of the girly-ness that would only grow as time went on.

Interesting facts about Taylor

- The kid HATES mashed potatoes, and always has. She wretched the first time I tried to feed them to her, at 9 months old, and she still wretches. This gag reflex has grown to include most types of vegtables as well.

- She can put her feet on top of her head, this may be a useful trick to hold on too.

- She is quite the Social Butterfly at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, each day as I drop her off or pick her up, I hear a chorus of...Hi Tay-lor, Bye Taylor, and little girls of all shapes and sizes run to hug her, or grab her hand and drag her off.

- She loves snakes and reptiles, and jumps at the chance to hold such creepy crawlies given the chance...much to my dismay.

- She didn't walk until she was 15 months old, out of sheer stubborn-ness, When I tried to get her to take a step she would throw her self on the ground, and launch into a dramatic tantrum, this was a prelude to the future obstacles I would face as her Mother. When she finally did decide to walk, she simply stood up and started strolling around, no shaky first steps, no toddling about, she looked as though she had been walking for years....Taylor still prefers to do only things she can excel at immediately, and gets frustrated when she has to actually try or practice. But once she gets the hang of it, she rises to professional levels at astounding speeds.

- She can be sweet, stubborn,dramatic, reverent, sassy, intelligent and understanding, ditsy and ridiculous...all in the same day, she constantly keeps me on my toes, challenges my parenting ability to new levels everyday, and makes our lives a lot more interesting.

My recent favorite Taylorism- After being asked to come in from playing for Dinner, and responding to me in a less than obedient manner, she was sent to her room for some quiet refection ie; time out. She emerged wailing dramatically, tears streaming spouting " I'm no good, I'm not good enough to live, I should never have been born...I can't do anything...wahhaaahaha".

Had I not experienced this kind of Oscar worthy performance before, I would have been alarmed my my mini-manic depressive drama queen, but because I am her mother, and I know her. I simply told her to shut down the drama factory immediately,That silliness was not going to help her avoid punishments, gave her a hug, told her I loved her more than life, and to go eat her chicken. It, of course worked, and she was happily gabbing through the rest of dinner.

Last week she convinced her little brother that she had a " poisonous marker" in her room, that could kill you if you got its ink on your skin. Of course she threatened to write on him with it if he didn't get out of her room, sending him screaming in terror...

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