Thursday, March 26, 2009

Australia Sucks

Its been four months now, and I would be lying if I said I was starting to like it here or that it was beginning to feel like home. What is it specifically that I hate....well, the heat for sure. We are on day 19 of temps above 35 degree's ( 95 degrees in the real world), and I'm not sure we have had a day below 89 degrees in 4 months...its getting old.

the bugs, the spiders, the giant lizards my neighbors cat keeps leaving in my back yard. The weird people, the lack of friends and family..I could go on, but then I would be whining.

The biggest issue, is that this place makes me feel totally flustered and inept a great deal of the time. I normally consider myself a pretty capable person, I mean I have managed pretty well in life until now. I can mow the grass if needed, work a weed eater, change a light bulb, air up a tire, lower the kids bike seats, travel through crowded airports with kids, paint a decent picture, follow a know, I can do stuff.

Here....I can't even check the mail, because I can't reach the box. Well I can reach it, but I can't See the dial to turn the combination, and I can't even remember the combination anyway.

I'm also still not that great of a driver or Parker, parallel parking did not get any easier, when my car got smaller as I thought it would.

I still don't know my way around all that well....sure I can get to the school, target, Kmart, the grocery store and the ballet studio....but I got lost trying to find the YMCA on wed, I just could not find the damn place, and it pissed me off. We drove around for so long, the fuel light came on, and damn if I could find a Gas station....there are only like 2 in this town, and I couldn't remember where either of them were.
I finally did find one, with ancient looking pumps, and of course I tried to pay before I pumped, like you do in normal countries...and of course the attendants laughed at me, and rolled his eyes.On normal cars you just open the fuel door, but in weirdo Australia there is a button inside the car to do this, and in the REAL world people don't steal your gas pump while you are trying to find said stupid button. And in the real world, the stupid pump won't squirt gas unless you have the nozzle properly situated into the tank right? Not here.
So of course I sprayed gasoline all over my entire body and the car. At this point I may or may not have dropped the F-BOMB a few times, and shouted at my kids to shut up, when they asked me what was wrong. and I may or may not have screamed like a lunatic and clawed at my face when a fly kept landing on it while I tried to drive home, sobbing and fuel-soaked.

and certainly, NEVER EVER in the real world is there a TARANTULA in your car, after you pick up your kid from school. But here....there is.

I'm just not sure about this place....


  1. Honest to God Jenell, I'd be in the looney bin. Seriously, the heat alone would have me rocking myself in the corner.
    I don't know how you do it. And for what it's worth, I don't like you being in Australia either.

  2. Hang in there! I think life sucks sometimes too. I hate being divorced & dating - it sucks!


  3. I just saw your post on Daisy cottage... I'm in Colorado currently, and we've been freezing lately! Hang in there, stuff does get better over time, but I gotta tell ya, the spider thing would flip me out!

  4. Hi
    That`s a huntsman spider, we don`t have tarantula`s. It`s petrol not gasoline and you poor thing being stuck in Alice Springs. It will cool down a lil bit soon. Hope things get better for you and you get use to the weird people. (there are weird people in the alice, I do know that!)